Sketches, measurements, fittings, the dress of your dreams... A special place where not only limited collections are created, but also designs that are entirely exclusive and made to order working with the client.  
Delicate, detailed and elegant.... Who doesn't want that??
And if you managed to find the dress of your dreams, designed following the best of European traditions, exceeding any other desire? 
Sheer, splendid, exemplary.... 
This is the dress designed and created at CHIFFON ATELIER, the fashion label where the magic of a dress comes from the same concept of a woman herself.  Women leave an unforgettable impression, she expresses herself, dreams and shows her inner beauty.  A sorceress in the real world... 
Aleksandra Budnik, designer and the heart and soul of CHIFFON ATELIER works on a personal level with her designs using techniques like molding, hand sewn embroidery, bias cut, among many others.  
"The creation process is different each time, and a lot depends on the client.  As a designer I adapt myself to her needs, her ideas and dreams..." 
I listen, search for ideas and practical solutions to make reality turn into a dream.  I create different designs and assess them until a final model is decided.  It isn't just simple dressmaking, but rather a creative process of consulting  and a magical moment from which THE DRESS surfaces.   
The client decides if she wants to participate in the process of creation, or if she puts her confidence in me and lets herself ve carried away by my fantasy.  
Anyway, one thing is certain, creating a wedding dress with CHIFFON ATELIER is a special and unique experience, for daring women that are looking for something that will distinguish them from the rest, and from which something totally personalized is born.  
Aleksandra Budnik. Designer, illustrator, professor.  After finishing her studies at the University of Fine Arts (Belarus), she was awarded a scholarship and studied at the European Institute of Design (IED).  Since then she lives and creates her collections in Barcelona.